Today is the first day…


Today is always the first day … each moment is brand new.
So everything you can be seen as fresh and real.

Even if it is something you have tried to do before … keep trying. In Fall of 2005, I attempted to raise awareness to who was running for Mayor of NYC. I love NYC and lately though, I feel as if the city is not feeling it back so much. It feels as if its getting a lot of its magic passion love sucked out of it because we aren’t honoring NYC’s energy. NYC is a city where people come to be open to new and amazing things. Turning the streets into shopping malls isn’t so new and amazing. Its kinda sad and depressing. When you get depressed you get sorta slow. Being slow causes low energy and boom, blah blah blah. Or you drink alot and take many kinds of drugs. I’m very drug positive but of course in moderation. Trickydame’s pretty much has done most drugs at least once and isn’t addicted or in recovery. She tells me that if you stay aware at why you do the crap we do and not let yourself feel guilty – chances are – you won’t need to do it so much. I can honestly say, I (Tom) have never done any drugs so this will in no way hurt my NEXT PROJECT … I’m very nervous about this and Trickydame, well she’s excited and scared shitless. I keep telling her, we’re in this together and we will find others to invest their time, money and energy to this Campaign. She just has to believe and take one day at a time, one fucking day at a time. And to remember, our main goal is to just “Stop the Bullshit” and enjoy a good life.

I’m officially announcing my presidential campaign today, on my offcial blog –
TOM is going to be GREAT in 2008!
at least it wil be better than it is now!

please visit to find out more info.


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