3rd Year Anniversary of WHAT ???


A war?
The destruction of people’s lives?
What the fuck?

This can’t go on any longer. I know humans have done things this way since the beginning of history, but …come on? If a plastic doll can make his dreams come true without cheating, stealing or hurting anyone else – I believe world peace can happen. I also think its possible to create World-wide abundance by promoting Magic Passion Love. I support Trickydame 100% in her creative dreams.
Hell, I support everyone’s dreams as long as they don’t involve killing, destroying, or hurting others. It simply makes no sense.
How can a person give the order to drop a bomb on a city filled with little kids.

Little kids play with dolls.

I accept the proposed nomination for President of the United States of America. It is time for a real sweetheart, a doll, if you would, to stand up for the rights of the citizens. I am a real doll, I take a good picture, and I don’t actually say anything. However, I am nominated leader for a constituency that does have something to say !!!
I’m proud that there are some well known artists speaking up against the tyranny of the Bush Administration. Santana, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and of course, one of my personal favorites, Michael Stipe.
He’s performing in NYC tonight. I think… sometimes, I get my dates mixed up. I have that kind of life, I live by two times, Day Time and Night Time. I’m far from perfect, for one thing, I’m anatomically diverse… I have female doll legs.

Over the next few months, I am starting a “grass roots” campaign, getting to know the people , and finding out what they’re doing to make change happen in our country. Searching for individuals who want to re-claim their Nation’s original dreams of freedom and opportunity.
I am more than a little nervous and frightened. The task at hand is big and it’s scarey, and I am only 3 feet tall….
Trickydame, however, has recently done some things that she’s been afraid to do. She tells me the rewards are pure Magic Passion Love.

Isn’t that what life is all about?
Magic Passion Love.
Stay tuned and keep me informed … We will make a difference.
You are making a difference right now, by reading my blog.

Thank you for your endorsement and support,



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