Happy Belated Gay Day!


Today is Monday – the day after Gay Pride weekend. I love Gay Pride … I will never forget the Gay Pride Fun I had in Chicago in 1992. I spent a week at Roscoe’s – no one will ever know what kind of fun I had there. Trickydame has had many fun times celebrating Gay Pride in NYC – this weekend however, she spent quietly relaxing with Shadow Spawn. She hasn’t been feeling so well – her lower back was hurting her. She took a few weeks off from work to try to relax and it worked. I’m not one to tell people how to live their lives since I don’t talk so much but I do listen and I do observe. Her back pain was caused by tension that she allowed to build up because she was trying to do to much with out taking care of her body. She needs to recognize the importance of taking care of your body! She may look 31 but she is 41 and has a 41 yr old body to take care of. Trickydame unlike me is human and she will fade away someday – plastic lasts forever.

I could tell Trickydame was over stressed by all of the events happening in the world and in her life. She like so many others try to do too much! Yes, I am very excited that she wants to help me with my Presidential Campaign but I don’t get upset that she hasn’t been updating this blog or her website. Time is on our side even though it can feel like time slips away. Its all we have – right now. So I hope by taking this weekend off to watch a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, resting and being with her friend will help her realized what she needs to do. I think it has helped because look, she’s blogging!

One day at a time – that’s we say as often as we can. Progress not Perfection – as I watched the first episode of the series “Angel”,I was again reminded of what successful people do to keep moving forward – they just do it. Don’t wait until you have it perfect to put out into the world – just put it out there and thru time, it will evolve into what you want it to look like. I know that my bid for President is very important – not just for Trickydame but for everyone. Everytime, Trickydame takes me out into the public, people smile. People are curious. People want to know who I am. By asking who I am, it is perfect opportunity to spread our main platform issue – MAGIC PASSION LOVE!

Trickydame is having more and more conversations on the streets of NYC with people about the energy of the world right now. We are waking up to realize that we all need to take more personal responsiblity for what is happening. Starting with OUR OWN LIVES! If Trickydame can’t have fun managing her budget, how the hell can the US Gov’t even begin to manage our money. Now, I’m not saying that we really have any control over what the US Gov’t is doing but shouldn’t we? Isn’t this our country?

I thought it was. Which is why we want to put the out the word that I’m running for PRESIDENT – its time to reclaim our country – our lives!

It’s Trickydame’s life and I am sending her positive energy every day to continue to believe that she is right on track and she is the successful internationally known artist who promotes Magic Passion Love. She is the one who will make me a household name even if she doesn’t know how to do it – she’ll find a way. Hell, she found a way to get to NYC, keep her apartment and still have that “girl next door” look about her. I am glad that Trickdame blogged today … take one day at a time. Let’s see what evolves when you take it slow and steady.

sending YOU the reader Positive energy too!
Magic Passion Love – xo Tom

who gives a fuck who wants to be married! Marriage in the US today is a billion dollar industry. Marriage iteself is kind of like a business agreement – two people come together to form a household. They pay bills, buy property, invest and often sign agreements that allow each other to disolve the arrangement with out losing their personal assets. To base a business agreement on ROMANCE is kind of silly.

I believe that we must be honest in our business relatoinships but the bottom line is business is business and personal is personal. To find someone that you are comfortable to discuss finances, to spend your days and nights with and someone who supports your dreams and you support theirs is TOUGH! If two people who have been living together for 4 years want to partner up and create some financial stability together for their future – why can’t they? If they are sleeping together is not the issue.

Its hard being single – ask Trickydame. She’s been single for her entire life and the struggles she has with managing her money is one of the reasons she’s been under stress. To have someone help you – wow, what a concept. HOWEVER, what if she doesn’t want a life time Lover ! Why couldn’t she and a good friend partner up? Why does it have to be based on Romantic Love? This is why Trickydame thinks marriage is kind of messed up. Its not really realistic. So when Gay People want the right to marry – she has to agree with them. WHO CARES who you find comfort with? Its about LOVE! LOVE LOVE LOVE – trust.

Marriage isn’t working for anyone except the Wedding Industry – they are making a killing! And for what? To keep the “fairy tale” alive?! be a prince and princess for a day! Bull shit ! Marriage is hard work! Marriage is a business commitment! Marriage is spiritual…let’s keep that way.

Let anyone who wants to partner up in the eyes of the LAW be married.
Keep your religious ideas/beliefs out of the legislature!


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