US Citizens Voted – thank you!


Three days ago, the USA held an election- citizens around the country had the opportunity to VOTE! Trickydame voted in NYC and when she woke up the next day – she was very happy to see that many Democrats won! Now, I’m not a democrat or a republican but I will admit that I am very upset with the current republican’s administrations policies on about EVERYTHING!!! We were also very happy to hear that Donald Dumsfield has resigned. AND EVEN HAPPIER to hear that there are people who are going to try and charge him as a war criminal. They should – he is not a nice man and did really bad things to people. War is a bad idea – killing people does not solve problems – nor does torture (unless you are Buffy the Vampire Slayer which we all know is a tv show so this shit shouldn’t be happening in real life!)

Overnight, a record increase in the number of women voted into the U.S. Congress occurred. In the Senate, a record total of 16 women, 11 Democrats and five Republicans, will serve. Victories by 50 Democratic women in the House helped Democrats gain control and placed Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California in line to become the first female Speaker of the House. What would happen if GW & Dick passed away? President Pelosi?! There are nine women will serve as governors in 2007, a level reached only once before.

Not only are there more women in Congress – in Minnesota, the 1st Muslim was elected in office and in Vermont, the 1st socialist was elected into Senate. Muslims, Socialists, Feminists, Christians, Jews, Singles, Married, Straight, Gay, People of All Colors, wow – if we keep on this track, our government might actually start to look like the actual citizens of like the USA – we are not all a bunch of OLD WHITE HAIRED MEN! We are young! We are different! We are 21st Century people who want a country to be proud of!

Pro-Choice citizens voted: South Dakota women have still have a choice for now, as well as in Oregon and California, where voters defeated measures that would have required doctors to notify a parent before performing an abortion on a minor. On other fronts of EQUAL RIGHTS – Arizona became the first state to reject a ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage with voters refusing to outlaw gay marriage.

So what does this mean for the 2008 Presidential Election – we still have a fight on our hands. We still have to speak up and have our voices heard! We still have change to make happen in our country – especially in places like Louisiana and Mississippi where people are still feeling the aftermath of Katrina – in places like South Dakota where the anti-choice people are still going to try and take women’s rights away – in places where citizens are not getting alternative news and only listening to FOX NEWS!? “we report – you decide” – Tom decides that this is such right winged propaganda its funnier (& scarier) that Comedy Central’s Daily Report. Trickydame doesn’t watch much television & hates commercials because she doesn’t want to pay for television – she loves getting the news from her surroundings and online. She gets updates from Democracy Now ( and highly recommends you to check them out.

The other organization that we want to give a big MAGIC PASSION LOVE yahoo to is MOVE ON ( – they really have been able to get people talking to one another about politics. Its important to create dialogue – with dialogue you can create networks – which are communities – which is a nation. The USA is a LARGE country however, where ever you go across this country, chances are you will meet someone just like you – a human being. All humans are created equal and deserve opportunities. Its what you do with your opportunities that can change your life. The choice is yours – what are you going to do?


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