“I know I’m not alone”


I don’t where to start with this is blog entry … I’m trying to write in an organized and official manner but I can’t seem to find the words – I’m so excited that Trickydame’s sister introduced her to Michael Franti!! Check out his myspace pages – he has quite a few, we’re hoping that he’s going to be our friend đŸ™‚

Why do I like Michael Franti so much ?! Well, for starters, he sings about the Revolution! He is a true Free Thinker and he has no problem talking about the War in the Middle East is wrong and needs to end NOW!

He made a film called, “I know I’m not alone” where he went to the Middle East with an acoustic guitar and a video camera. He talks to the people who are truly AFFECTED by this “war on terror”. Its quite sad that so many of the people in this country (USA) think very little of what’s happening outside our borders. The other night, Trickydame went to a bar and was chatting with people. They started talking about how bad their lives were and when she brought up the people of Iraq, they quickly changed the subject. I don’t know how quickly the subject can be changed in a bar in Palestine.

Is it their fault? Kinda and kinda not … our media – our government don’t want the citizens of the USA to know what’s happening. I’m not really sure why either? Is it for control? I’m ranting and raving right now … I’m not sure what is to be done except we need to make our voices heard – PEACE is possible and needs to be encouraged.

Especially at this TIME OF YEAR!!! Let’s work this holiday season by promoting Peace and GOODWILL to man! All humans are created equal and deserve the respect from one another. It doesn’t matter who you believe in, where you live, what color you are, who you sleep with, what sex you are – its human life! We have feelings – hell, if a plastic doll can speak about Magic Passion Love then you would think, someone with a soul will understand the importance of this.

Today is a good day – today Michael Franti sings his songs and we are grateful.


ALSO … Trickydame & I are going to host a screening of the DVD soon – watch for details!!


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