Tom supports the Soldiers


Tom Supports Soliders

There are two soliders that Trickydame has recently discovered and when she shared their stories with me, I was moved. The military doesn’t have to be filled with evil – stupid – blockhead types although there are all types of people, that’s just life. So when you hear about FREE THINKERS in an organization that functions on mind control – you have to stand up and say YEAH!

The first solider that gets a TOM KUDOS is Jennifer Parcell, a Marine corporal who was killed on Feb 10, 2007. While most of the papers, news, discusion around the USA was discussing Anna Nicole Smith’s death, another young woman who died suddenly. Here’s a little info about Jennifer, while in Iraq, she was taking a course at the Univ. of Maryland, she sponsored an African child thru a mission charity and when Pakistan was devasted by an earthquake last year, she was there to help. She earned the HUMANITARIAN SERVICE MEDAL for her efforts. She had about 7 press mentions the day after her death … we don’t even need to talk about how many press mentions ANS had for her sad life.
I’m very moved when I hear of strong soliders who are able to stay true to their passions while serving in the military. Jennifer Parcel may be gone but she is not forgotten – she is a true FCW.
I found out about her on this great site called (check it out!!)

The other solider is still ALIVE but only because HE REFUSED to deploy to Irag because he considers the war illegal. Because of this, 1st Lt. Ehren Watada is being court martitialed because his actions are unbecoming of an officer for accusing the Army of war crimes and for attaking the Bush administration’s handling of the war. “The wholesale slaughter and mistreatment of iraqis is not only a terrible and moral injustice, but it’s a contradiction to the Army’s own law of land warfare. My participation would make me a party to war crimes.” Lt.Watada has said.

Lt. Watada’s court martial came to an abrupt halt on Wednesday, February 7th, when the military judge nullifed the Stipulation of Facts accepted by the prosecution and the defense a week before the trial commenced. Over the objection of Lt. Watada’s defense attorney, the judge granted the prosecution’s motion for a mistrial. The army has announced March 19, 2007 as the new trial date. However, according to Eric Seitz, Lt. Watada’s attorney, “The mistrial is very likely to have the consequence of ending this case because double jeopardy may prevent the government from proceeding with a retrial.”

Ehren Watada is a “true hero” of FREE THINKING and we are so proud to support him. To find out more info – check out

Trickydame and I have always wondered why do we call the soliders TROOPS instead of soldiers? It took us awhile to figure out that “Troops” are just another name for Soliders. So when they said 100,000 troops deployed, was it actually 100,000 people! 100,000 men and women being sent out of the country to invade another country unless they are being used for humanitarian efforts which we totally support!! I feel by saying TROOPS it makes it less personal … less human! Why don’t the newscasters and politicians say, “Today 4 soliders were killed today” Changing words to make war easier just isn’t sitting right in my plastic head… calling anyone who fights for their country and doesn’t agree with the White House a terrorist is kinda the same thing… at least that’s what Trickydame and I think.


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