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Tom @ The Theater Actors Workshop Last night, Trickydame and Mz America went to the Actors Theatre Workshop for an Open Mic: “To Examine the important, social and political issues of the times.” We met people from all over the world who were sharing stories/ideas/songs about two important issues of our times, “Homelessness & Iraq”. […]

Exciting News!!


It definitely feels like SPRINGTIME in NYC and around the Nation – each year at this time, everyone begins to thaw out and feel the re-birth of the flowers, trees, and ideas! Even a doll like me is feeling the energy from what’s happening on the streets … and there is some good news to […]

I don’t mean an all nighter Saturday night at your local bar but the Progressive Liberal Group that meets weekly in bars across the nation! Last Thursday, Trickydame was enthusiastically greated by the founder Justin Kreb’s at Rudy’s Bar and Grill in NYC’s Hells Kitchen. Not only did she get a friendly handsake and […]