Ever heard of Drinking Liberally?


bottle.gifI don’t mean an all nighter Saturday night at your local bar but the Progressive Liberal Group that meets weekly in bars across the nation!


Last Thursday, Trickydame was enthusiastically greated by the founder Justin Kreb’s at Rudy’s Bar and Grill in NYC’s Hells Kitchen. Not only did she get a friendly handsake and she also got a “Drinking Liberally” button! As soon as she took off her coat, she was promptly offered a pint of beer and intorduced to a wide variety of liberal drinkers.

Trickydame is always inspired by the community spirit that shines with so many New Yorkers. That’s why she loves it here! As she mixed & mingled in the heated tent in the back yard of Rudy’s, everyone was excited to know hear about the Tom 4 Prez project. She received such a warm reception and support that she is going to go back in APRIL and she’s going to bring me along!

We would love to see you there too. Email trickydame@gmail.com to find out the exact date. OR just go to every Drinking Liberally and see who shows up!?

It’ll be Great in 08! At least it’ll be better than it is now!
Tom 4 Prez!


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