Health Care is NOT a privilege – it’s a RIGHT!


All of the Democratic presidential candidates made Tom 4 Prez proud last weekend (3/24-25/07). They all pledged universal health care for every US citizen if elected at the SEIU Conference, a labor union representing 1.3 million service workers.

Quoting all the awful facts about the money and resources we already have that are wasted instead of providing coverage. They all have some great ideas on how to make it happen in ’08. Health care is not a privilege it is a right and each candidate wants to change healthcare for a better system.

Watch the clip and see why, despite what the MSM would have you believe, this field of candidates is strong! Dennis Kucinich comes closest to what Tom knows as Magic Passion Love (mpl) by saying what we all need to hear: ‘that America reconnect with its goodness’

Mr. Kucinich is the only candidate that calls for a Department of Peace, something Tom 4 Prez also wants to become part of the national debate and supports 100%. For more information on the Dept of Peace –

Check out your democratic candidates for yourself because Tom wants his campaign to promote the good ideas that are already out there, and we can’t trust mainstream media to be honest about what’s actually being said.

But you can trust Tom to listen (it’s what he does best) and help U connect and learn more about our great democracy and what U can do in ’08 to make it even better. It’ll be great!

For all candidates:

To hear Dennis Kucinich’s speech:

Spread the word because the more you talk about change the more it becomes possible! Potential for change is all around, all the time we just don’t engage in making it happen enough.

If you would like to get involved with Tom 4 Prez campaign, email

until next time,
Mz America
Tom 4 Prez!


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