Trade-offs. Find out where your taxes go!


As tax day comes wouldn’t it be nice to know where exactly the money collected goes? Tom listens to many patriots talk about what’s wrong with the USA and after much thought on the subject has met a few people and organizations that are working hard to educate all of us about the trade-offs and priorities of government spending. Politicians often say big government is the problem with the budget. If we could just shrink government then all else would fall into its free-market pecking order and all boats rise. Tom couldn’t agree more. So if big government is the problem lets look at the BIGGEST expenditures and see if we can’t shrink it and its enormous costs!

On average 27% of our taxes go to fund the military. That’s the largest section of government spending year after year. The argument of ‘supporting the troops’ is usually the standard in answer as to why we can’t cut this part of the budget. But, how much of this actually goes to the troops? And how much goes into developing weapons we don’t need and contractors that have out-sourced the actual military?

The next biggest expenditure is healthcare, yet what do we get for that money? The top 1% got a $56 billion tax cut under Bush. In real dollars to the state of New York alone that translates to $5.9 billion, or over 2 million NY kids with healthcare.

Find out more info like this and find out what else we could be doing to make a positive impact with our tax $$ at National Priorities Project: Turning data into action. Showing how your federal tax dollars could be better spent.


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