Tom’s Good Day


Tom 4 Prez is excited becuase today is the 1st official campaign volunteer meeting! Trickydame & ms.america have met many amazing activists, artists and citizens from all walks of life in the past month and know Magic Passion Love (mpl) is happening everyday! So, tonight we celebrate what Tom 4 Prez is all about; getting involved.

We’ve had an amazing month of defining our goals and taking action. Too easy just to sit by and be idle. Complaining about all the things we see wrong in our country, and the world.

Working together on the Tom 4 Prez project, we have found strength and encouragement in each other, and most importantly, we have the courage to spread the MPL we feel. We’ve found out we are not alone.

Magic Passion Love is a sustainable energy source that we all have inside. Too often it is wasted because we keep it capped and don’t speak up against the things we see wrong in our lives, and our country. Homelessness, poverty, equality, freedom of choice, the right to have our votes matter are all things we can fix. We have to speak up together – makes us louder. It’s about living out loud!

Tom 4 Prez seeks Free Thinkers.

We are all defined by our thoughts. So if you’re thinking you would like to make a difference in your world, be Tom’s friend!

Today is a good day… today is your day to take action.

Tom 4 Prez! It’ll be Great in “08”
at least it’ll be better than it is now.


One Response to “Tom’s Good Day”

  1. Good for you!

    Asher Heimermann

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