7,000 New Yorkers & Tom


History was made Wednesday night. 7,000 people. 92 groups. 38 elected officials and TOM 4 Prez!
That’s who came to the Hands Around Stuy Town Rally.

New York City is our home and affordable housing is a RIGHT! Together with Trickydame, Tom 4 Prez met with their neighbors and discovered that together, we’re pretty strong. This is one of the main reasons Trickydame is working on the Tom 4 Prez political art project – to meet others who are actively taking part in their communities. These are the ones who are giving us HOPE for the 21st Century.


On Wednesday, We put New York’s broken rent laws front and center. You put rent stabilization back on the map and put vacancy decontrol back in the public discussion. You served notice that it’s time to pass the Save Starrett City Law and put all Mitchell-Lama buildings into rent stabilization. And you let everyone know that New York Is Our Home!

The rally was a huge success – but it’s just the beginning. So what can you do now?

A new project is being launched to create a citywide map of rent hikes. Go the the New York is our Home website to find out how you can get involved.

If we all do a little bit – things just might start shifting … in a better direction. Here are some pictures taken by Amy Clarke, singer/songwriter. One of Tom’s many friends!!

sty town tom 1
sty tom 2
sty town tom 3


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