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June 19, Tom went to Washington DC. It was a beautiful June day in our Nation’s capital inside and out. Tom 4 Prez team attended the Take Back America 2007 conference. This was a 3-day conference that was attended by activists, vendors, media, and bloggers, local and national politicians. All gathered to discuss, strategize and […]

On June 19th Tom 4 Prez takes his first road trip to be a part of Take Back America 2007 in Washington, D.C. Tom 4 Prez will mingle with other presidential candidates Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson and John Edwards and a diverse group of patriots actively involved in setting the U.S.A. back on […]

“If we want to reduce abortion, we begin with compromises on the most superficial level-abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.” La’Tasha Mayes Off Our Backs Tom 4 Prez would like to announce his support of Reproductive Justice, a collective community that seeks to take the pro-choice movement on a much needed leap forward.Repro Justice […]