Where are the Repro Justice Boys ?


“If we want to reduce abortion, we begin with compromises on the most superficial level-abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.”
La’Tasha Mayes Off Our Backs

Tom 4 Prez would like to announce his support of Reproductive Justice, a collective community that seeks to take the pro-choice movement on a much needed leap forward.Repro Justice is a broader vision focused on the fact that the health of our sexual and reproductive lives “depends on the realization of social, economic and political empowerment” by connecting reproductive rights with other social justice movements.

As supporters of Tom 4 Prez already know, our platform for prez is about getting involved and finding pathways to connect existing networks and supporting their efforts to make a better community, country and world.

Why is this blog’s title what it is? Because, not only do we need a massive re-engagement of women in the struggle for human rights equality, the broader vision of repro-justice, we need men to take on responsibility for women’s issues as well.

Tom 4 Prez believes personal responsibility is a core democratic value. Men have to acknowledge sexual reproduction and healthy sexual relations as their responsibility too! It is not a women’s issue. It is a fundamental rights issue that both sexes need to recognize in current debates on abortion as infantilizing a woman’s decision making process. It comes from a paternal conservative social perspective as an assault on women’s abilities to make independent choices in their lives. It is simply repression.

Tom 4 Prez is going to have many more discussions and special events in support of Repro-Justice starting with a new blogger dedicated to this particular issue.

Stay tuned and never forget the power that Magic Passion Love can make in your life, and the world. Its in you!

“Women are sacred. Traditionally decision-making regarding childbearing was the business of women. Those decisions were baed on the health of the woman and the good of all. Those decisions were respected.”
Traditional teaching of Dakota/Lakota/Nakota Nations.
Most recently used as ad to defeat anti-abortion laws in South Dakota


Everybody who works and reads Off Our Backs are good friends of Tom 4 Prez! Great Independent Magazine !


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