Tom 4 Prez Goes to Washington!


On June 19th Tom 4 Prez takes his first road trip to be a part of Take Back America 2007 in Washington, D.C. Tom 4 Prez will mingle with other presidential candidates Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson and John Edwards and a diverse group of patriots actively involved in setting the U.S.A. back on a progressive path to lasting change for the common good.

Those familiar with Tom 4 Prez ‘s campaign know that we are the ones who will change the world and this is an exciting step to meet others who feel the same and make it happen. With topics on making college affordable, using new media to further the progressive agenda, harnessing people power and new strategies for a global economy Tom 4 Prez is really excited to listen to these great ideas.

Tom 4 Prez hopes to gain insightful action plans in D.C. and bring them back to our network in New York further creating a dynamic collective for positive change.
Tom 4 Prez campaign team seek to spread magic passion love to politicians, writers and activists who are creating a better way forward.


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