Tom went to Washington!


June 19, Tom went to Washington DC. It was a beautiful June day in our Nation’s capital inside and out. Tom 4 Prez team attended the Take Back America 2007 conference.

This was a 3-day conference that was attended by activists, vendors, media, and bloggers, local and national politicians. All gathered to discuss, strategize and organize to take back the Presidency from the current party. As Trickydame & Tom listened to the politicians – they turned and looked at the crowds.

The people who are our nation and Trickydame just doesn’t understand how politicians could ignore so much of what we stand for. For instance, how can people in New Orleans are still living with out homes – or that so many of our youth get half assed education – or that women are jailed for crimes of writing bad checks or companies are still getting away with polluting our planet. All of the politicians talk about how they will create POLICY to take action when so many actual people are taking ACTION. Can politicians take action?

Tom 4 Prez started out as a whim to get people to notice that so many of us don’t feel very patriotic because of the occupation in Iraq by our country. Trickydame wanted a president to be proud of so let’s mock the entire political system by having a doll run for president. After all, Tom is good at standing tall and smiling as any other politician. Then something changed… Trickydame realized that she doesn’t want to Tom to be president – no – she wants a smart, educated, forward thinking, kind person to be the leader – someone who isn’t saying the same rhetoric over and over. Someone who sees change as a slow and steady process – Someone who understands the value of finance as a tool to create positive change and be prosperous – Someone who can focus on positive change for the better good of all. Does this person exist?

Maybe.. and perhaps it is more than one person. So as with so many things in my life – this art project is evolving into another QUEST! I want to meet other people who see Tom 4 Prez’s Top 5 Priorities as wise ideas on how our society might evolve to a healthier 21st century. Tom being a 21st Century Doll is leading the way – let’s follow him and see whom he meets.

Here are some of the people Tom 4 Prez met … The peace group, CODE PINK, Union Workers, Bloggers, Politicians ..


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