Honor the American Dream


Last week Trickydame went to the NY International Gift Fair and met some business owners who were following their “American Dreams”. Each one of them took an idea and took action to make it happen – and now they are selling their merchandise in New York City! By taking the responsibility and following thru with their passions – each one of these people are committed to being a part of the change that is happening. There were many companies promoting organic, eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade, and positive energy! It was truly inspiring ! Trickydame talked with them about Tom 4 Prez and the Top 5 Priorities and was happy to meet so many free thinkers!

Here are a few of the companies that are truly Tom 4 Prez’ Friends!
Tom 4 Prez supports small businesses!

RescueGirl (res’kyoo’gûrl), n., 1. A woman who is young in spirit and generous of heart, who doesn’t need someone to rescue her because she knows how to rescue herself. 2. A RescueGirl doesn’t need anyone to validate her existence because, regardless of her shape, size, hue, shoes or status, she knows she’s fabulous!

The original RescueGirl, Amy Luwis, launched her company in 2004 to inspirit and applaud women. RescueGirl focuses its energy on creating useful, positive products and works with companies that care about making this world a better place. Her award winning gift line is sold online, and through upscale stores including Whole Foods Market.

yoga_06.png http://rescuegirl.com/

Joan Maloney and her daughter Hollis, shown left to right, are the founders of +E (positive energy), LLC. Joan, an award-winning graphic designer from San Diego, California has had her own design business, Studio 318, since 1997. Hollis, a high school senior, is a self-taught graphic and clothes designer.

Communicating messages that are relevant and that resonate.
Joan and Hollis felt that they had been blessed with the gift of being able to communicate. So why not communicate messages that help all of us through this life? Together they brainstormed ways to get messages regarding social and environmental causes that they were passionate about, into the mainstream consciousness.

spe_logo.gif http://shoppositiveenergy.com/

“Our mission is to celebrate the varied beauty of women through playful expressive clothing and accessories. We believe all people are uniquely designed by God and should feel comfortable, valuable and beautiful as they are.

Because ta-tas Brand Clothing is committed to helping women we give 5% of every sale to the fight against breast cancer research and desire that as we grow, so will the avenues through which we can help and enrich as many lives as possible.

It is our hope that through ta-tas you will laugh, find joy in who you are and know by supporting ta-tas you are contributing to human needs in this country and around the world.”

Julia Fikse
Founder of Ta-tas Brand Clothing

ta-tas_header_10-16_r1_c1.gif http://www.savethetatas.com/home.htm

Myklo Designs original silk-screened art on organic baby & adult clothes, greeting cards, magnets and matted prints. Heather Handler – Owner – Designer – Thinker

logo-big.gif http://www.myklodesigns.com

Artey Mano is a young and proud Mexican enterprise dedicated to handcraft an exclusive line of products that fusion paint on silk and the finest hand made paper, creating beautiful arts in each of our products.

Each of our products is made with an important part of us, they posses an essence and unique value.

We are pleased to keep innovating and developing our creativity through new forms and designs instead copy. So we invite you to discover the magic and meet creativity and originality of our art

logopagina.jpg http://arteymano.com

Jendala, Art for the Soul, Created by artisan Jennifer Utsch, Jendala resulted from the strong belief that there is a connection between creativity, the environment and universal growth. Jendala is best explained as being “Jenn’s wheel” of existence, forever changing and reinventing.

This philosophy is enacted on many levels of Jendala’s vision and interaction with art, earth, and society. In our work, materials used are salvaged from landfills with efforts from numerous individuals helping to recycle. The manufacture and sale of recycled products crafted from waste materials is a great way to encourage recycling and lengthen landfill life span. Thereby, the (re)use of recovered materials helps to offset the current devastation of the environmental infrastructure, a linear path of use to refuse (the current use and toss mentality) instead of a recyclable practice of use and reuse. Jendala wants to encourage a sustainable way of living for ourselves and our environment from what we already have—what we believe is a healthier way of being. The artwork’s utility reminds us that the connection between our environment and quality of life is not always obvious and that opportunities for creativity abound. Additionally, Jendala has begun workshops in Mexico to train women with the torch to enable self-sustainability. This interaction with Jendala and its artisans helps to (re)create connections of strength, community, and creativity between art, work, and each other.

She didn’t have an image i could upload -so you have to check out her site – http://jendala.com/index.html

Just Bubbly™ is a family-owned and operated business located on the shore of Rockaway Beach in New York. We offer handcrafted, novelty bath soaps, lotions, scrubs, creams, and many other unique bath & body products for children, women and men of all ages. Each of our products is handcrafted in the U.S.A. and individually inspected to insure the highest quality. Because our products are created specifically for you we ask that you allow 2-4 weeks for receipt of your order. Our soaps meet vegan standards, are hypoallergenic and it does not clog pores. We never test on animals.

If there is something you need or would like but don’t see it listed, feel free to email us! We are always looking for new items and ideas to add! Be sure to check our blogspot regularly for news and exciting additions to our ever changing line. Feel free to post your views, feedback and requests here also!

Mariann Smith, owner

She didn’t have an image i could upload -so you have to check out her site TOO! http://www.justbubbly.com

db clay – Based in NE Portland, we create unique wallets called pocket art. Our newest collection of designer wallets (pictured above) is titled Version 3. We have developed a process for transferring conceptual artwork and timeless photographs onto our custom textile (eco friendly Tope) prior to stitching the freshly printed fabric into a strong and beautiful billfold. Each piece tells a story, intends to spark human interaction and encourage meaningful conversation.

db-clay.jpg http://www.dbclay.com/

Stiles in Clay was established in 1998 to fulfill a need to design and make work from materials under the title of craft (ceramic, glass, wood, fiber, etc.) Since the establishment of Chris Stiles’ company, many pieces have found a home in private collections, galleries, craft stores, museum shops and other stores across the country and beyond.

He makes birds – they are quite unique – got to check out the site to see them: http://stilesinclay.com

The NYIGF® is a one-of-a-kind event – the only gift and home furnishings market to bring the most important manufacturers, the latest products and the best merchandising ideas together in one place, in the most incredible city in the world.


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