Defenders of Animal Rescue


Defenders of Animal Rescue

A unique evening of entertainment for a unique cause,
Social Tees – Animal Rescue

Thursday, Oct 26, 2007 TRICKYDAME and her special co-host ARIEL SINCLAIR and special musical guest, MASLOW along with last minute extra special guest – MISSTRESS B gathered for an evening of performances and raffle prizes all to benefit Social Tees!

Defenders of Animal Rescue

Special Thanks to the people who contributed to the RAFFLE …

Handmade, Crocheted Bag
s made of plastic bags–sturdy, stylish, perfect for groceries or the beach. Thought you can’t recycle those nasty plastic bags? Well, now you can!

MenOpop, the world’s first menopause pop-up and activity book
buy at

Jennifer Joyce, a consultant with a skin care and wellness company, Arbonne International, acertified vegan by Vegan Action and our packaging is all recyclable. The only way to purchase Arbonne’s products is through and independent consultant, like myself. So in addition to having wonderful products, thousands of people in the U.S. and Canada are achieving financial freedom and helping others create extraordinary lives and we have just started to go international. Here’s our website:

Janice Formichella, Passion Parties are in-home parties for women who want it all. You’ll be able to sample and purchase personal and adult products for yourself or to use with your partner. Contact Janice for more info:

Nancy Karp, “Feed Your Chakra” custom meal. Contact Nancy for more info:

Special thanks to Tanya from the Cubby Hole for suggesting this cause to Defend.


One Response to “Defenders of Animal Rescue”

  1. Has anyone ever tried Arbonne
    Before? IF so, how do their products compare to avon?

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