Dreams & Dolls


Most little kids play with dolls … its an opportunity to act out how we want to be when we grow up.

Then when you go up – do you act how you played you would be when you were little?

It’s an important question and even more important act to do –
REMEMBER how you used to PLAY!

There are so many ways to play and exploring the ways – – -allows you to discover your MAGIC PASSION LOVE – your energy source – when used, life feels good and when shared – WOW!!

One friend of mine who is a FCW Society member, was going thru a patch of not enjoying her life so much – just wasn’t feeling so good. So… a few of us were talking one night and someone suggested, “Let’s take a burlesque dance class!” and someone else suggested, “Let’s hire a dance teacher to teach us a PRIVATE class.”

Within the next few days, we had found our teacher, Jo Boobs and a space to hold the class. We had 2 classes and by the end of the first class, my friend was very excited about what she had discovered. The next thing she knew, she was entered in a amateur Burlesque contest in Williamsburg. We trudge out there from Manhattan at 11pm (I am one of those manhattanites !) because we wanted to support our friend and it was awesome – SHE WON.

Now … 3 years later, she hosts a weekly burlesque show KITTY NIGHTS on the coolest corner in the East Village. She is Fem Appeal – a woman who uses and shares MAGIC PASSION LOVE!

Here is Fem Appeal with Tom the 21st century doll, who I share with her whenever she wants to perform with him!


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  1. That is freaky!

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