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Momentum is building toward Saturday, October 27th — from Orlando to Seattle, from New York to New Orleans. On that day, people from all walks of life will gather in 11 cities around the country in a national expression of the breadth and depth of antiwar sentiment in this nation. For many people, it will […]


It’s time for a peace revolution!

THE REASON I AM BLOGGING TODAY IS BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK IN WASHINGTON DC – BULLSHIT!! this is what needs to be talked about the water cooler on Monday! The government has said it is sanctioning ANSWER for putting up political posters calling for the September 15 March on Washington to end the […]

All of the Presidential Candidates are speaking about Immigration – the Occupation in Iraq – but what about this woman who has lost her HUSBAND and might lose her HOME as well. If the politicians would look at ways to HONOR THE AMERICAN DREAM – then perhaps we could begin a better USA. Proving yet […]

Tom @ The Theater Actors Workshop Last night, Trickydame and Mz America went to the Actors Theatre Workshop for an Open Mic: “To Examine the important, social and political issues of the times.” We met people from all over the world who were sharing stories/ideas/songs about two important issues of our times, “Homelessness & Iraq”. […]

Tom Supports Soliders There are two soliders that Trickydame has recently discovered and when she shared their stories with me, I was moved. The military doesn’t have to be filled with evil – stupid – blockhead types although there are all types of people, that’s just life. So when you hear about FREE THINKERS in […]

I don’t where to start with this is blog entry … I’m trying to write in an organized and official manner but I can’t seem to find the words – I’m so excited that Trickydame’s sister introduced her to Michael Franti!! Check out his myspace pages – he has quite a few, we’re hoping that […]

A war? Killings? The destruction of people’s lives? Devastation? Rape? Murder? Anger? Vengeance? What the fuck? Why?… This can’t go on any longer. I know humans have done things this way since the beginning of history, but …come on? If a plastic doll can make his dreams come true without cheating, stealing or hurting anyone […]