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Dreams & Dolls


Most little kids play with dolls … its an opportunity to act out how we want to be when we grow up. Then when you go up – do you act how you played you would be when you were little? It’s an important question and even more important act to do – REMEMBER how […]

“keep passing the open windows…”

Sometimes, one starts out with – an idea – a project – and they take the next step. That is to start the project – then … as time passes, they realize – it just isn’t going right. Things arern’t working out the way you had envisioned them to pan out – so what does […]

Long before Perez Hilton (celebrity blogger) loved The Orion Experience, Tom and other New Yorkers have long known how fucking cool this band is! Tom is very happy for that Perez and others around the world are discovering The Orion Experience! “We are the ones” – Tom 4 Prez’s official political campaign song by The […]

On Wednesday, February 13 DEFENDERS gathered with Trickydame & Tom 4 Prez for an evening of music, poetry, drinking, raffles, dancing, and bake sale – all to raise funds and awareness for Single Mothers. Great performances by: (left to right) Carla Rhodes Luff Toy Soldiers Ray Munoz Readings by: Julie Metz Nicole Goodwin Bianca Stone […]


This is the end of 2007 – in a few hours, it will be 2008 – let’s make it great! Tom 4 Prez has created TOP 5 PRIORITIES to define what he feels is important for US Citizens. If we can focus on these Top 5 Priorities – follow action steps – change is possible. […]

December 6, 2007, Trickydame & Tom 4 Prez gathered in the back room of Otto’s Shrunken Head in the East Village. Along with their friends, they performed for Peace on Earth & beyond! PERFORMANCES BY: Lani Ford Luke Degoao Travis Trent Cheryl B Mama Spell Portion of of the evening’s proceeds went to support New […]

Defenders of Animal Rescue A unique evening of entertainment for a unique cause, Social Tees – Animal Rescue Thursday, Oct 26, 2007 TRICKYDAME and her special co-host ARIEL SINCLAIR and special musical guest, MASLOW along with last minute extra special guest – MISSTRESS B gathered for an evening of performances and raffle prizes all to […]

Momentum is building toward Saturday, October 27th — from Orlando to Seattle, from New York to New Orleans. On that day, people from all walks of life will gather in 11 cities around the country in a national expression of the breadth and depth of antiwar sentiment in this nation. For many people, it will […]