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Long before Perez Hilton (celebrity blogger) loved The Orion Experience, Tom and other New Yorkers have long known how fucking cool this band is! Tom is very happy for that Perez and others around the world are discovering The Orion Experience! “We are the ones” – Tom 4 Prez’s official political campaign song by The […]

On Wednesday, February 13 DEFENDERS gathered with Trickydame & Tom 4 Prez for an evening of music, poetry, drinking, raffles, dancing, and bake sale – all to raise funds and awareness for Single Mothers. Great performances by: (left to right) Carla Rhodes Luff Toy Soldiers Ray Munoz Readings by: Julie Metz Nicole Goodwin Bianca Stone […]

On Thursday, September 13, Trickydame and friends gathered for a special evening of Really Good Music for a REALLY GOOD REASON – Reproductive Justice! Performances by The Orion Experience Vince Diamond AJ Lambert Jon Bozeman Proceeds of the evening went to Pro Choice Public Education Project (PEP). PEP is dedicated to engaging young women on […]