Tom loves NYC & so do I!

Tom & Trickydame moved to NYC over a decade ago because it was their dream. The photo essay project entitled, “Tom loves NYC & so do I!” was a way to celebrate the city they love with other New Yorkers.

Thousands of people come to NYC every year to live because it is their dream. Each year it’s getting harder and harder for some of those people to live in NYC because of the unaffordable rents. So many New Yorkers cannot afford a place to live. More than two million pay more than half their income for rent. In just three years, from 2002 – 2005, average rents rose by 9% and tenant incomes fell by 6% and the city’s subsidized affordable housing stock shrank by 11%.

This is why Tom 4 Prez is proud to be a part of the NEW YORK IS OUR HOME – Affordable Rent Campaign.

Saturday, April 14, Tom & Trickydame gathered other long time East Village residents to support the residents of 47 E 3rd Stwho are fighting a mass eviction by their landlords, the Ekonomakis family, who claim they want the entire 15 unit building for their personal use.

Contribute to the tenants’ legal defense fund & for more info

On MAY 23, Tom 4 Prez, Trickydame and thousands of other NYC tenants gathered around Stuyvesant Town, 1st Ave in the East Village.

Advocates, housing groups, labor unions, and the Working Famiies Party are uniting to:
1. Stop the loss of rent regulated apartments
2. Preserve Mitchell Lama & Section 8 housing
3. Stop unfair rent increases & harrassment
4. Ensure adequate state funding for NYCHA housing
5.Limit rental payments for people living w/HIV/AIDS to 30% of income

for more infomation, please contact Tenants & Neighbors at 212-608-4320 x404 &/or

TAKE THE TIME TO BE A PART OF A HISTORICAL MOMENT – It’s time to be heard that we are here and we’re not leaving!


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