Tom 4 PEACE. is part of the DEFENDERS, a group of world citizens who take action to support the well being of the planet and all of its in habitants. Defenders are Free Thinkers!

Here are a few of the DEFENDERS that Trickydame & Tom have worked with over the past few years. We’re grateful for everyone!!

Photographer, Julie Staub is a Defender. Julie takes a lot of photos of Tom and other things – check them out!

Jessica Ryan is a Defender for producing a kick ass Defenders of Love show – she had amazing help from Sydney de la Reyes. They are now working on a play with their theater company!

Sara Steigherwald, artist who designed the first Tom 4 Prez logo and we are grateful for her. Her talents go beyond graphic design, Sara is a Defender and continues to push her life and her art outside society’s limits.

Amanda Meade, writer/political advisor is a Defender who believes in Tom 4 Prez and the potential of making the USA a country we can all be proud of!

Tom 4 Peace seeks “MORE” DEFENDERS
Send an email to for more info.


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