Sometimes, one starts out with – an idea – a project – and they take the next step. That is to start the project – then … as time passes, they realize – it just isn’t going right. Things arern’t working out the way you had envisioned them to pan out – so what does one do!? CHANGE COURSE!! Rethink the situation! GET HONEST with what your main objectives are? Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them!! It’s OK change your mission – if you stay on the course even though it’s not working out or feeling right – people could get hurt.

Well, this is what exactly happened with Trickydame’s idea to have Tom 4 Prez! It sounded good – it was fun to say before 2008 happened. It was great fun working with all of the people we worked with and talked to about Tom 4 Prez but … something was always not right. Trickydame isn’t a news junkie – nor is she really that interested in listening to the back and forth banter of “who’ll be better president?, US politics just doesn’t make sense anymore – let’s just vote right now – get it over with and start taking action!

Trickydame takes action by producing “Defenders of” events – its her chance to meet Free Thinkers who believe in similar causes that support the well being of the planet and it’s inhabitants. There are a lot of good people in politics working for the US Citizens – just wish we would hear about them instead of men hiring prostitutes!?! Despite the state of our MEDIA, our POLITICS, and our ECONOMY – – – Trickydame and Tom have met a lot of people and organizations who are taking action that does SUPPORT the well being of the planet and its in habitants!! People who use their Magic Passion Love daily!!

So Trickydame took a moment to consider what does Tom really represent … a childhood dream coming true, which is about finding inner peace. Because Trickydame was able to come to NYC to live – after spending so many years pretending in the basement – she has found a sense of inner peace. If more people could find Inner Peace … perhaps there might be World Peace. Maybe talking about Magic Passion Love more will help?! Who knows?

The other reason why, Trickydame can’t do the Tom 4 Prez project anymore … Tom is just a doll after all! So … INTRODUCING
Tom 4 Peace. (period)
Tom 4 Peace


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