Tom loves the Orion Experience!


Long before Perez Hilton (celebrity blogger) loved The Orion Experience, Tom and other New Yorkers have long known how fucking cool this band is! Tom is very happy for that Perez and others around the world are discovering The Orion Experience!

We are the ones” – Tom 4 Prez’s official political campaign song by The Orion Experience!

This HIT SINGLE is on the album “COSMIC CANDY”

WATCH THE VIDEO – Buy the Song on I-tunes !

The eclectic quintet, fronted by former Kitty in the Tree singer Orion Simprini, is fresh on the scene. Having formed in January 2005 their eager excitement explodes from each track on the debut album. Their carefree, positive vibe recalls late ’60s and early ’70s songwriting, spiked with sweet harmonies and toe-tapping beats. If The Orion Experience doesn’t make you want to leap from your chair and dance, you might want to check your pulse.

For Orion, who handpicked each member of the group for their personalities, the band’s camaraderie is the key element to their solid sound. “Every individual is important, but put together, they create a powerful, positive energy,” Orion said of The Orion Experience, which, despite bearing his name he also calls “more of a collective than one person.” (this is one of the reasons Tom 4 Prez, Trickydame and Ms America love The Orion Experience)

The Orion Experience is:
Orion Simprini
vocals, rhythm guitar

Linda Horwatt
backing vocals, keys

Erik Paparazzi
lead guitar, backing vocals

Kareem Lamarr
bass guitar

Marcus Ferrar
drums, backing vocals

band pics

The Orion Experience is Tom’s friend!



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