Who is Tom?

Tom is a doll of the 21st Century

Tom loves Grandma Morton(Tom w/Grandma Morton – photo by Julie Staub)

Trickydame began playing with Tom (in the basement) as a young girl in Ohio. A Christmas present from Grandma Morton to her grandchildren, Helen Morton never imagined just how far the little doll would go. She is proud that her gift inspired Trickydame to follow her personal dream to move to New York City to be an artist.

This is what Tom 4 Peace is all about – re-claiming the Your Dream – finding the strength within yourself to be true to yourself and to live a life filled with Magic Passion Love!

Trickydame doesn’t know if Peace on Earth is possible, there are a lot of bad people out there … HOWEVER, if more of us find INNER PEACE – perhaps, there can be PEACE on EARTH!

If one keeps trying and believing, anything is possible. Believe me, if a doll from Ohio can move to NYC and become a celebrity, artist, icon, and Peace is possible!

Tom 4 Peace


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