The world is a theater


Tom @ The Theater Actors Workshop

Tom @ The Actors Workshop

Last night, Trickydame and Mz America went to the Actors Theatre Workshop for an Open Mic: “To Examine the important, social and political issues of the times.” We met people from all over the world who were sharing stories/ideas/songs about two important issues of our times, “Homelessness & Iraq”.

Many of the performers mentioned how the two issues are very connected – and often issues that some people don’t want to speak about. These issues are painful and issues that are a challenge to make better. However, as last night confirmed – there are people and organizations working to make a difference with these issues.

It was a wonderful evening filled with a creative energy that fueled everyone there. We took pictures and talked about the Tom 4 Prez campaign. The response was positive and encouraging. It shows us that US Citizens want to have more conversations about the upcoming presidential campaign and the issues that are important to us. Finding organizations like The Actors Theatre Workshop is no concident- as this campaign grows, I know we will meet more people who are working to make change happen. We’re going to talk about them.

If you are interested in taking classes or volunteer with ATW, they are looking for others who believe in their mission. And as with most non-profit arts organizations, they need more funding. What every happened to the NEA? hmm… perhaps that’s something to talk about!

Here’s some info about the Actors Theatre Workshop – maybe we’ll see you there because we plan on getting involved!

The Actors Theatre Workshop is an established pioneer in non-profit theatre that produces classical and contemporary plays, develops new dramatic works, trains and develops actors, writers and directors while making a difference in the lives of homeless children and the community at large.

Builders of the New World is a life-changing after-school theatre and education program for homeless children that improves reading, writing and presentational skills, instills discipline and self-esteem, and inspires the children to make choices today to achieve educational success tomorrow.

For the past fifteen years, ATW has flourished as an artistic leader in the field, producing award-winning programs and productions addressing the enormous cultural challenges of childhood poverty and inclusive community building, maintaining high artistic training standards, and developing an organization of artistic merit that has proven itself worthy of public, private and civic support.

Thurman E. Scott, ATW’s Artistic Director, Executive Producer and Founder, is a widely acknowledged expert of artistic project development. As a director/producer, he creates new products for stage, television and film, from concept to final production. Mr. Scott is an innovator of award-winning arts curriculums and programs for professional artistic training as well as public service to culturally under-served communities.

For more information please e-mail us at


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  1. 1 ms. america

    The Tom 4 Prez team would like to note that we have secured a donation of technical equipment from Bill Calimita of the Food Network for The Actors Theatre Workshop. Thanks Bill for helping the homeless.

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