Use Wind Energy …


Tom 4 Prez Friends support NY Wind! NY Wind is a community-driven organization dedicated to providing information about wind power options and green energy for residents, businesses, churches, not for profit organizations, and other proactive energy consumers in the New York region. Switch now!

By now you probably know that protecting our environment by decreasing U.S. dependence on foreign fuels and lessoning the release of carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses into the atmosphere is crucial to political and climatic stability.

But, how do we burn less fossil fuels?

In New York, we can make a choice to purchase clean, wind energy and lower our individual carbon footprint. With the green power options that most public NY utilitity companies offer, we can stop buying fossil fuel and nuclear power. For only about 10% more a month, we can make a real difference in helping bring about cleaner air and positive change. Purchase Wind power today!

Visit NYWIND.COM to sign up -it’s very simple and you’re helping put more power to SUSTAINABLE ENERGY. Isn’t that what we all want? You don’t have to do everything but you do have to something to help the evironmental issues.

Tom 4 Prez says, “CHOOSE WIND TODAY!”

To sign up:

Email Jeff Cheek @
He can answer lots of questions!! Jeff is Tom’s friend!

This chart shows where we can get our energy from.


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  1. Good site:) Will come back soon..

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